My name is Rob McCowan
artist and founder of OHC


In short - Multidisciplinary artist with a passion for Fine Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Printing. Humble servant to Visual Arts and the production of.   


How I got here:

I've been passionate about art from a very young age. Influenced by my mother, a portrait artist. I can’t remember a time when being creative was not in my life growing up in Texas. Leading me to a Tri-District Art Show, winning first place in painting and Best of Show my senior year That’s when I knew art was my calling. Moving on to the Art Institute of Dallas studying visual communications, all while juggling fine art and flier design for DJs and underground clubs in the Deep Ellum Arts District.  2007 got hired on as CPO -Color Production Operator at American Reprographics Co.(ARC) in Austin TX. Sharing my artistic skills to the commercial and tech growth of Austin for 10 years. Eventually overseeing printing, design, mounting, laminating, photography, inventory, and customer service. After these wonder years of experience in print service, I decided to  bring value and content, true passion as a natural born creator of  visual communication to all I can on a personal level. Same corporate quality, without the corporate feel.