Digital art and abstract photography by artist Rob McCowan 


Rob McCowan- founder of OHC, is a digital artist and abstract photographer who lives and works in Austin, Texas. Rob’s art is based on the combination of photography and digital image processing. By creating geometric abstractions from real-world objects and scenes, he gives new life to everyday sights and found objects. His photographs are studies of light, form, texture, perspective, and color.


How I got here:

I've been passionate about art from a very young age. Influenced by my mother, a skilled portrait artist. I can’t remember a time when being creative was not in my life.  Leading me to  winning first place in painting and Best of Show, my senior year. That’s when I felt art was my calling.

Moving on to the Art Institute of Dallas studying visual communications, all while juggling fine art and graphic design for local DJs in Deep Ellum. IN 07- American Reprographics Co.(ARC) hired me on as Color Production Specialist advancing to Department manager shortly.  Eventually overseeing all color printing, graphic design, mounting, laminating, inventory, and customer consultation. 


Why the name Odd Hourz?

I  have always been a nocturnal human. Something about the night invigorates me and gets my creative juices flowing.  Therefore, when deciding on a name for my brand. I wanted it to represent me, not only as an artist but a lifestyle.  January 2020, I registered odd hourz creative  with no idea of the times ahead. we as a global community embarked on COVID-19. the name fit not only conceptually, but the inevitable odd hours and abnormal adjustments almost every single person on the planet would succumb to in 2020. Coincidence? I think not. It’s destiny. And when we look back years from now, remembering how we overcame these odd hours as a planet. I’ll be proud to say, Yes, Odd Hourz Creative -established in 2020. 



 Rob McCowan


"Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes." -Khalil Gibran