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Greetings! I'm Rob McCowan, the creative force behind ODD HOURZ CREATIVE.  Where I blend digital art and abstract photography to bring imagination to life. With a background in Fine Art, I specialize in crafting geometric abstractions, art photography, and digital illustrations that breathe new life into everyday scenes and dreamlike visions.

The Core of My Art

At the heart of my work, you'll find a fusion of diverse elements, each contributing to

the vibrant tapestry of my creations. My artistic studies revolve around the interplay of light and shadow,

the captivating allure of human forms, the rich textures that adorn our reality,

and the infinite perspectives that await our perception. Dreams, the elusive and ethereal,

are also a profound wellspring of inspiration for me, igniting my imagination and weaving

the surreal into my art. Color, a vivid language of emotions, finds its home in my palette,

giving voice to the feelings that flow through each piece.


The Roots of My Passion

Art has been an integral part of my being since I was a child. I owe this profound passion to my mother,

a skilled portrait artist herself, who nurtured and encouraged my creative spirit from a tender age.

As I grew, my ardor for art never waned; instead, it evolved and transformed, becoming a driving force

that defines my existence to this very day.



OHC is more than a platform to showcase my works; it is an invitation to explore a universe of mesmerizing artistry

and intricate storytelling. Through my geometric abstractions, I strive to bridge the gap between the secret visions

of the artist's mind and the enigmatic manifestations of nature. It is in this harmonious meeting of worlds that

new shapes are born, transcending the mundane and evoking emotions that resonate within each viewer's heart.


Favorite Quote

To encapsulate the essence of my artistic journey, I hold close to my heart the words of Khalil Gibran:


"Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes."

In these words, I find solace and purpose, as they beautifully encapsulate the very essence of my creative process.


Together, let us embark on an artistic odyssey, where every stroke of imagination

giving birth to unique wonders that enrich our lives and connect us to the vastness of human expression.

Thank you for being a part of my creative journey.



With boundless creativity,

Founder | Artist | Designer | Photographer

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